Hotel Riviera

November 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

Hotel Riveria

My days of photographing had been long, walking the dusty, polluted streets with smells I couldn’t even recognize. Besides the heat and the sun beating down upon my soul, it was cooking all the left over items on the pavement. It had been days since I rested and experienced anything normal-a normal meal, a normal bottle of water, a normal bed. I had come down with another illness, nothing serious, but serious enough to wipe me out, and not having the motivation to photograph my normal scenes, avenues, or boulevards. My friend Arien even noticed I was different today, in the heat, not like times before. He suggested we rest that day, asking him where, he suggested the Hotel Riviera to relax by the pool; a large open space caught between a 1950’s postcard of the old Las Vegas strip, juxtaposed to 1970’s or 80’s Soviet architecture, and the Caribbean Sea on the other side. Drifting in and out of delirium, I was often confused by my surroundings, and kept asking Arien where we were. Maybe it was the heat, maybe the water I drank, or maybe the Soviet architecture; perhaps the combination of these things. After napping, and few dips in the pool, I came to senses once again, and able to photograph. This is one of a few images created that day. A peaceful, restful day, an oases of sorts, away from the garbage baking on the streets, and the roasting of unidentifiable odors.



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