About The Blog

After being a witness to the worlds’ events, while watching Walter Cronkite, I feel the importance and need to document the lives of people, and to tell their stories through determination, passion, and a lot of heart. I have spent the past two decades, devoting my life to such endeavors, to whomever will allow me to enter their lives to document, listen, and photograph.

Unguided Tour is dedicated to telling the stories of theses people who have graciously allowed me to be apart of their lives. Often sharing more than the moment of being photographed, exchanging our customs, language, and sometimes, artifacts from our cultures; yet despite the language barriers, being curious and human is all we need to understand one another. The hospitality, generosity, and common concern is what I have witnessed on my travels-sharing warm yak milk high in the Tibetan Plateau, praying with monks, to enjoying many conversations over coffee and Caribbean sunsets. Hopefully, the images presented on these pages will bare witness to the warmth given and shared.

Unguided Tour is often expressed through a personal narrative, yet it is much more about the people I photograph and our shared humanity.

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