About The Author

Thomas Lindahl Robinson is passionate about photographing. He began his photographic journey at the age of 12, photographing his family and friends. Eventually, he broadened his horizons, and moved to San Francisco from Southern California. Although this was not a drastic move, it had a significant influence on his direction in life. Previously studying all things business, he changed his studies to all things humanities-history, literature, philosophy, photography, and religion. During this period of his life he began his photo-documentary project, titled, “America’s Last Colony,” about the patients living at the Gillis W. Long Center For Hansens Disease in Carville, Louisiana; also known as Carville.

Eventually, he moved to New York City, where he lived and studied some more, for three years, culminating ideas related to life, living, living conditions, and harsh realities of weather, temperature, and long commutes on subways, without iPods or cell Phones. Enduring such dramatic changes, he persisted to photograph, starving and carving his living as a lifeguard, working in the flea markets of Chelsea, as a waiter for Anthony Bourdain at his restaurant, One Fifth, and as a freelance assistant, until one day he decided he had enough, and moved back to San Francisco.

Since being back in the Bay Area, he has cherished every moment of living and being able to travel around the world to photograph. His photographic journies have taken him as close to his own backyard, to traveling around California photographing the traditional landscapes of the once inspiring, Group f/64, to further developing his own photographic awareness and stepping outside documenting the people in their living environments; from Tibet to the Caribbean. Thomas is currently working on book projects documenting cultural transitions and the effects it has on family structures in Asia and the Caribbean.

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