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In the summer of 2007, I met Cosette; an auspicious child, who is full of curiosity and life. Her poses are her own, as I did very little to direct her.  In between the moments of photographing her, she would often become jealous at the moment I stopped paying attention to her, and I started to photograph someone else.  She would subtly protest her displeasure of me photographing anyone but her: by looking through my camera bag, playing with my equipment, and photographing me as I was photographing other members of her family.

The light was harsh and not easy to contend with during these summer days, and the idea of returning at a later time did strike me on more than one occasion, yet it is not always an option for one reason or another.  The light, like Cosette’s personality, would seldom cooperate when you would like it to.  Despite these little nuances of uncooperative light and personalities, the best place for me to photograph her was between the door well of her home; where I had a little more control of the light, the shadows and the contrast, and a more confined space for her personality.  She spent more than an hour standing there, waiting, as I was waiting for that unexplainable movement of a slight gesture exposing a moment of her personality.

Since then, I have photographed her every year, watching her grow, change, and becoming older.  These changes are evident in the images, over the past two years, and this past year she has had corrective surgery of her spine that was twisting her body out of shape.  According to her doctors, the operation was a success, which has left Cosette in a lot pain.  Despite this though, Cosette, at times, is still herself by expressing her displeasure when I photograph anyone else.



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Point of Departure . . .LB.Tibet.007

A journey that you expected
A path that departs you from that journey,
Which leads you to other places,
Things, or ideas that you never expected.

Sometimes it is a painting, a photograph,
A passage from a book, A lyric perhaps?

A look, an expression, a moment of intrigue, or silence.
A journey within, that no one can see or experience,
Yet something touched you, like an embrace.

My Point of Departure for today . . . Contact
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A Substantiation of Time

A Validation of Thought

Connectedness of Humanness:
Through The Lens of The Looking Glass

Revelations of My Mind

Photographic Prints:
Witnesses of Time

Cogent Evidence?
Maybe, Once, A long Time Ago, Perhaps?
Yet, Not Now, Not Anymore!

A Boy Running . . .

A Dimly Lit Interior . . .
Two Rocking chairs, and Plastic Sunflowers.

The Lonely Dog . . .
Hoping For A Scrap Of Pork;
The Living, The Half Living, And The Dead.

Another Boy and His Sea Urchins . . .

And Lorenzo . . .
Who Showed Me Pictures Of His Mexican Wife,
Told Me How He Once Escaped His Island Paradise,
Yet, Returned To Sea,
To See His Ailing Mother,
Before She Passed.

We Once Were . . .

We Are . . .

Where Am I?

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