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From The Project "Spirited-Away"

2009 Copyright Thomas Robinson http://www.thomaslindahlrobinson.com

As I was waiting to receive my permits to travel to Eastern Tibet, I was told I was allowed to travel to Namtso Lake in Western Tibet. The Drive was difficult as we kept ascending in altitude. The evening we arrived, became a night of hell as the altitude sickness wreaked havoc on my body, dogs barking near the tent, and a snow storm, which caused the temperatures to plummet. The next day the ground was dusted in a light layer of snow, but quickly melted. I was still suffering from the altitude sickness and laying in bed for most of the day. By mid-afternoon, I finally felt better to walk around to photograph. I spent the better portion of the afternoon photographing before I came upon this scene. Originally, the horses were in completely different area of the lake; as I kept setting down my camera and tripod, the horses would change their position. Eventually, they relocated to this location in front of the prayer flags, and at the same time, a little ray of light pierced through the storm clouds allowing this exposure to happen. I exposed two frames, then the horses and the light went away.



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